2 inch oilfield API standard Cameron hydraulic throttle valve

2 inch Oilfield API standard Carmeron type Hydraulic Choke ValveProduct Description Oilfield API standard Carmeron type  Hydraulic Choke ValveOilfield API standard Hydraulic Choke ValveOil Equipment Hydraulic Choke ValveSpecifications 1.Working Pressure: 2,000-20,000psi 2.Nominal Dimension: 2-1/16aa ~ 7-1/16a

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2 inch Oilfield API standard Carmeron type Hydraulic Choke Valve

Product Description


Oilfield API standard Carmeron type  Hydraulic Choke Valve

Oilfield API standard Hydraulic Choke Valve

Oil Equipment Hydraulic Choke Valve



1.Working Pressure: 2,000-20,000psi 
2.Nominal Dimension: 2-1/16aa ~ 7-1/16aa 
3.material Class: AA ~ FF 
4.Working Medium: crud 



  Choke Valve


The choke valve, a main component of Christmas tree, is design to control production rate of the oil well, with working pressure up to 15000psi. Choke valves can be classified as follows: adjustable choke valves and positive choke valves. By rotating hand wheel to move the stem, the adjustable choke valve is designed to adjust the effective area available for the flow to accomplish control of production rate. The positive choke valve is design to accomplish control of production rate by changing flow beans.


·The coupling nut used for connecting the bonnet and body allows fast make-up and break-out.

·Stem tip and bean adaptor are fabricated from special carbide alloys for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

·Indicator lens with scale marks allows the operator to know stem's position and actual orifice area.

·Turn hand wheel counter-clockwise and the valve will open; turn hand wheel clockwise and the valve will close.

Main technical datum

Working Pressure: 2,000-20,000psi

Nominal Dimension: 2-1/16" ~ 7-1/16"

Working Temperature: P U

Product Specification Levels: PSL1 ~ 4

Performance Requirement: PR1 ~ 2

material Class: AA ~ FF

Working Medium: crude oil; natural gas

Adjustable choke valve

·Valve needle and spool are made of tungsten carbide, with sufficient corrosion resistant, antieroding and wearable capability.

·The two kinds of adjustable choke, pintle type and the sleeve type could apply to wellheads& X-mas tree and choke manifold.

Positive choke valve

·Material of choke bean is fabricated from ceramic and tungsten carbide, with sufficient corrosion resistant, anti-eroding and wearable capability.

·It adopts union bonnet so as to change choke quickly

·It has application in wellhead& X-mas tree and choke line.

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