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All the trailers, reveals and winners from The Game Awards 2021.

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Published: Friday, 10th December 2021 at 12:21 pm

The Game Awards 2021 have been and gone, leaving the internet decimated with fresh trailers and newly announced games. Plus, of course, the winners of various accolades were confirmed.

If you’re for a handy list of all the major announcements with links to all the hot trailers, plus a full list of who won the actual awards, you’ve come to the right place for a recap.

So, which games showed up at host Geoff Keighley’s annual gaming bonanza this year? Find out below with our whistle-stop tour of everything you need to know from last night’s show.

The Game Awards is always crammed full of trailers for upcoming games, and surprise reveals of hitherto unannounced titles, but which future games were shown at The Game Awards 2021?

Here’s a list of all the major announcements from The Game Awards last night, with links to the trailers that you’ll want to see as soon as possible:

Most of the winners of The Game Awards 2021 were announced on the night, but there was one winner announced ahead of time.

The Game Awards 2021 website confirmed one winner in advance, telling the world that Halo Infinite won the Players’ Voice award, which was voted for by gamers around the world.

This came as something of a surprise considering that the Halo Infinite campaign hadn’t even come out when the vote took place, but at least voters had the Halo Infinite multiplayer to base their decision on. The rest of the winners and nominees are listed below, with the winners in bold!

Best Mobile Game, Presented by Verizon

Most Anticipated, Presented by Prime Gaming

Innovation in Accessibility, Presented by Chevrolet

Content Creator of the Year

Best Esports Game, Presented by Grubhub

The Game Awards 2021 took place on Thursday 9th December 2021 for viewers in the USA.

Here in the UK, the time difference meant that The Game Awards 2021 actually started in the early hours of Friday 10th December 2021 from a British perspective.

In the USA, The Game Awards 2021 start times were 8pm EST and 5pm PST, depending on which coast you were on.

Here in the UK, The Game Awards 2021 started at 1am in the morning on Friday 10th December. You would’ve needed to pull a late one if you wanted to watch along live, then!

The Game Awards 2021 were free to watch on the event’s official YouTube, Twitch and Twitter accounts as well as streaming on Facebook Live, Steam and GameSpot.

The full live stream is still available on YouTube now, so you can click into the video above if you want to relive the action.

Geoff Keighley was the host for The Game Awards 2021, which won’t come as any surprise to returning viewers. He does host it every year, after all. If you’re wondering who this guy is, here’s a quick primer!

Geoff Keighley is a gaming journalist, TV presenter and event producer from Canada who founded The Game Awards in 2014 and has presented the live show every year since then.

Keighley previously produced the Spike Video Game Awards, and his writing work has been seen in such prestigious publications as Kotaku.

In 2020, Keighley cemented himself as a key player in the gaming media, hosting a string of online events under the banner Summer Game Fest, filling the gap left by cancelled events such as E3 and Gamescom.

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Voting is now closed for The Game Awards 2021. It all took place on the official Game Awards website, but you’ve missed your chance now if you haven’t voted already.

If you have voted already, you should be pretty happy if your choices ended up winning! We’ll see you back here next year to do it all again.

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