Venus Star Point In Libra: October 22's Astrology, Explained

2022-11-10 21:45:10 By : Ms. Erica Wang

Saturday, Oct. 22 is the day of the Venus Star Point, an astronomical event known for lighting up our hearts. For those who know that Venus is the planet that rules love and romance, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

But what is this mystical sounding event? Technically, it’s an example of a “cazimi:” an occurrence of when a planet connects with the sun at an exact degree. This is also called a conjunction. The term is derived from an Arabic word meaning “in the heart of the sun.” Rough Stone Point

Venus Star Point In Libra: October 22

Astrologically, think of it like this: The sun is absorbing the “energy” of the planet, and we’re feeling it down on earth. So during the Venus Star Point, the sun is sprinkling down a little extra love and beauty.

The sun and Venus come together in the cazimi aspect every 9 to 12 months in different zodiac signs. The last time occurred on Jan. 8 in Capricorn. In October, the star and the planet will come together in Libra. Being that Venus rules Libra, think of this aspect as providing a little extra “oomph” to an already powerful aspect.

Below, TODAY spoke to astrologer Arielle Guttman, who coined the Venus Star Point term and wrote "Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century," about what makes this particular astrological event so special.

The name comes down to the path that Venus takes around the sun. When seen from earth, the planet’s path, taking into account retrogrades and forward movement, appears to take the shape of a pentagram — or a five-pointed “star.” The cycle is completed every eight years.

“The cazimi is a way to track Venus,” Guttman said.

Technically the Venus Star Point happens every few months, but this one is special. Oct. 22 marks the first time the sun and Venus have met up in the sign of Libra and in the same degree (the conjunction will occur at the 29th degree) in 150 years.

Guttman explains that the Venus Star Point blends the energy of the sun and Venus. The sun is more about the ego in astrology, but when it conjuncts Venus, it becomes more heart-centered. During this time, we go from ego-centric to heart-centric.

She calls the Venus Star Point a time of pure excitement — so harness what’s in the air.

If you’re looking to upgrade a current relationship or take a situationship to the next level, then now is the time. Thinking of making a financial investment? As long as you’re feeling secure in the choices you’re making, then go for it.

More importantly, shine a light on you. Build your confidence and allow self love to flourish. Fashion might evolve, too. Guttman thinks that “bright colors will come back” into fashion with the Libra Starpoint.

Since this is a collective aspect, it’ll impact everyone somewhat. However, this Venus Star Point will have an especially direct impact Libras because it’s activating their sun sign.

Check out your natal birth chart to see if you have any planets at 29 degrees (the degree of this Venus Star Point), and in what house that planet falls in, to see where it will impact you. Each house is the domain of a different part of life: The Fourth House governs home, the Tenth House public image.

Guttman said that we should be paying attention to everything Venusian, falling into the realms of love, beauty and money. We may see shifts happening in the next several years along the lines of our finances (as well as the stock market), fashion, hairstyles, what and who we choose to partner with.

This Venus Star Point is about “empowering ourselves through relationships or walking away from them,” Guttman said. She advises letting go of relationships and situations that aren’t working because something better will come in its place. Don’t be afraid to “make the shift.”

Every morning before you leave for the day, say a positive affirmation to yourself while looking in the mirror. Meditate on a short, easy-to-memorize sentence that speaks to the part of you that could use a little bit of a boost. Then, when you say it, really believe it.

Write a letter to yourself about the kind of love you desire. Meditate on what you want to bring into your life and what energy you no longer have use for. When you are done with the letter, fold it up and place it in a safe space. This will allow you to set the intention and manifest your romantic visions for the future.

Rose of Jericho is a dried plant that is thought to help in bringing in abundance help in bringing in abundance. Take the plant and place it in a glass bowl of water. The plants will expand over the next several weeks, and then dry up once it absorbs the water. Refresh it every month. This might be a symbolic gesture, but the ritual will put your mind on budgets and assets.

Take a rose quartz crystal and place it over your heart chakra while laying down. This will allow you to heal the past and get over trauma that you’ve experienced as well. The more energy you give to cleansing the healing chakra, the more open you’ll be to giving and receiving love.

Venus Star Point In Libra: October 22

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